März 2019



successful phototour with nice wheather!


Ohio Storm


presents his best side


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January 2019


Happy new year to all of you!


Last comment was in April 2016 ... I want to change it this year.

I will be active in this modelhorse-hobby again.


So, where can you contact and follow me?


 on this page


Instagram: colour.arts.modelhorse




Hope to see you soon!











New horse - April 2016


" Sir Lancelot"


Cust by

 Jessica Claus ( Montecello Studios) USA


More pictures:





February 2016


I worked on the page again and continued

"My work gallery"


You can see "Esel" on the right as an example for my "Vintage work"


Have a look at it!




New horse - June 2015


" Ohio Storm"


Cust by H. Jung / Breaside Farms


To see more: CLICK HERE

First Cust in 2015 - May


" CH Brownie Star"


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Update 09.05.2015:


CH Diamond Blue is BACK again!

Couldn't really let him go.....




Update March 2015:


CH Diamond Blue left us

Update January 2015:

CH Golden Spot is SOLD